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DIVADIVERSITY is a non-profit company offering solutions to improve and raise the consciousness of wellness in our overall communities.

Our Mission is to improve the quality of relationships by addressing diversity challenges through the use of body-mind-consciousness and holistic approaches when counseling children and families.

DIVA in DIVADIVERSITY The use of DIVA for the company means having an ultimate awareness and virtue of mutual respect for each individual and group differences. These differences are a makeup of various blends of age, physical abilities, gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, and philosophical beliefs, political beliefs, and ideologies.

In this position, you will be met with growth experiences; such as, the speed at which our service delivery model must respond to changes through the use of technology and innovation. We are a rapidly growing company and thrive in leading the mental health industry, through a diversity and inclusion lens, that will inform children, individuals, couples, and families from a holistic approach to healing. We believe this orientation strengthens relationships in our communities. We have a high level of commitment and value to the clients we serve and value the people we hire; holding accountable all that we do to thrive in a growing community.

We are seeking a People Manager who can take our company to the next level and to continue to create and express a company culture of "Aloha" in all that we do. The position will begin working part-time and will then grow and expand to a full-time role. This is not an ordinary HR Manager position, it is truly a position of bringing your best self excitement to engage and influence the next healers of the company. In this position you are a successful leader and do not fear growth and what it takes to make change happen. As a matter of fact, you thrive when it comes to change and execution of the company's vision which is ultimately transformative of growing DIVADIVERSITY through the development of its new policies, communication vehicles, procedures, processes, positioning, while you innovate and give energy to the people you work with and who work for you. This position is the heart of the company as you will be met with hiring the brightest minds which will be creating space for wellness, healing, and the research and development of all of DivaDiversity's impact programs. If you are excited to develop and create, this is an opportunity for you!

What you will do:
This position will report to the CEO, Executive Director which is a high visible position.
Serve as the sole subject matter expert for all Human Resources functions and holding the role of compliance of places, people, and resources, and "all in between" related matters.
The position will be responsible for auditing and approving payroll, new benefit proposals, handling of immigration matters, employee relations, performance management, employee engagement, recruitment, and development of organizational competencies through hiring and attracting candidates with cultural attunement in their clinical practice.
Develop organizational effectiveness as the company grows and expands at each phase of its growth and through its people programs.
Build strong relationships internally with our Leadership Team, and externally with our Community partners (other non-profits), Company partners (suppliers) who provide expertise for you in the areas of Grants, Funding, Leasing, Legal, Benefits, Investments, Finance, Payroll, Tax, IT, Web design, Retreats, Education, and Mental Health programs, etc.
Collaborate with leadership team supporting COVID-19 protocols and preparation for re-opening of our wellness center and staffing as needed for each of the programs.

Manage payroll and hiring costs providing forecasting through - headcount reports, attrition rates, and cost-per-hire analysis.
Review and negotiate new lease terms and develop a relationship with realtors to prepare for expansion as necessary.
Lead benefit open enrollments through supplier relationships or employee education seminars.
Implement all new company benefits and education programs.
Create Company Communications on behalf of the Leadership Team.
Mentor and oversee HR Specialist and hire a team to support the company's ongoing growth and implementation of programs geographically.

Partner with leadership team weekly to improve current programs, processes, and procedures, and be able to propose new cost effective ones.
Partner with employees to support and create compassion friendly policies related to benefits, time off, staffing processes, training and development, and performance reviews.
Create ongoing evaluations pertaining to these people programs using employee metrics, reporting analysis, and various processes and procedures of "HR Best Practices".

What we're looking for a:
People Manager that leads with passion, cultural awareness, tech savvy, growth mindset, and with the attunement for our employees and business partners.
Someone with non-profit and broad experience working with mental health or medical and wellness professionals: psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, clinical counselors, administration, and working with a non-profit Board to develop reports and policies which align with the Mission and Vision of the company.
Professional, hands-on HR manager with start up experience in a nonprofit-related company (mental health/healthcare desired).
Professional to be able to hold high confidentiality and express gratitude and compassion in all that you do.
Professional who has current knowledge and experience working through compliance-related matters.
Professional with strengths in designing benefits and compensation plans with prior experience in effectively developing and handling the full rollout of each program.
Professional with strengths in building relationships with all employees, independent contractors, suppliers, and partners.
Professional with strengths in various communication vehicles in both verbal and written communications.
Professional with thorough, flexible to work with changing priorities, commitment to high-quality delivery and follow through of project tasks.
Someone who ultimately loves what they do and can bring this to light when developing any program for the company.

Bachelor's or Master's degree or equivalent years of experience.

A minimum of 5-7 + years of experience in any combination of the HR strategy, business partner, program/process/project management, HRIS management, consulting, operations, or any equivalent experience.
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