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HR Compliance Communications Specialist

Melita is an HR and Benefits Outsourcing Services company, serving and building lasting relationships with small and mid-sized employers throughout the U.S. We were founded on a simple principle: We are passionate about helping businesses build Great HR so they can achieve excellence in whatever it is they do. We believe that the right people, in the right environment, for the right reasons, are capable of changing the world, no matter what their endeavor. There is a fine line between Good and Great and we feel very strongly that where you fall on that line is dictated by the “Who” and “Why” of your business.

As a results-driven organization, we hold ourselves accountable for our promises and we celebrate the successes of our clients. We live by a set of shared values that drive everything we do and are known for our high-integrity approach to building relationships with our clients and partners.

This position involves two key areas of our business: 1) Ensuring our clients are protected from the multitude of liabilities related to employer compliance, and 2) Communicating complex and often uninteresting content in clear, creative, and interesting ways, to our clients and prospects. For those reasons, we need someone that brings a lot to the table in terms of their knowledge, creativity, passion, and communication skills. Compliance is high risk and client communications are high impact, so we need a star to lead these efforts.

This position will report to our Founder/CEO.

The primary responsibilities for this position are:
Monitor various sources, including our legal partners, for updates to employment and benefits laws.
Craft concise, clear written communications as appropriate for communicating actionable and useful information to our clients, prospects and internal staff.
Assist our internal staff with ensuring our clients are in full compliance with all employment and benefit laws and regulations including company policies, government filings, employee notice requirements, etc.
Manage the design and content of our various compliance tools and templates utilized by our clients and internal teams.
Working with our other subject matter experts, lead the effort to design, package, and deliver educational content on a variety of HR, Benefits and Payroll topics for delivery in written, video, and webinar formats.

The requirements for this position include a passion for compliance and the ability to translate complex legal-speak into clear, concise written and verbal communications. You must have at least a 5 years' experience in a position that requires expertise in a similar role. College degree required.
Please mention that you come from HireForThem when applying for this job.

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